Thursday, April 29, 2010

New York and Stressors... !

I have to say, I was thinking about how and why I am still living in New York after nearly seven years.

Yes, it is an addiction. And it's become my home. And it's exciting. But...

I am also going through the top stressors, which are:

  • Finances
  • Relationship
  • Career
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Home
(See "The Top Six Stressor Areas in Life: How to Recognize & Handle the Stress")

Seriously, I don't have full-time work, I don't have health insurance, I am about to get new roommates, I recently bumped my head pretty hard and had all sorts of worries, and I am probably spending more than I'm earning... But I'm still relatively young and healthy, and my relationship issues could be worse... much worse... and I probably want all of this excitement anyway, after all... And aren't these stressors part of the allure of NYC?

I am balancing it all with lots of shows, from Amanda Blank to Hole to the Gossip, all this week...!

Pics to come.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Amanda Blank Tonight!

It is almost unreal to me that I was able to score Amanda Blank tickets for a little under $20 each, for tonight at The Bell House. Amanda Blank is sure to blow up much more in the near future!!

Described in Time Out New York as a performer who, "like her contemporaries—M.I.A., Santigold—Blank looks fondly upon the ’80s, with spare beats and a voice befitting her surname." (Read more at newyorktimeout) Seriously, she knows how to make some catchy, dancey, infectiously happy songs!!

Tonight's show is also a benefit for, to which 100% of the profits from the event will go toward. This is mighty in keeping with recent events I've been attending... seems like it's a new trend to have events, from shows to shopping to parties, in the name of charity! Not a problem to me.

The show is all-ages, doors are at 7:30 pm, and MDNR opens. Click here to buy tickets!

See you at the show!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

New York Restoration Project and Real "Earth Day" Events

So after all the hullabalo of Earth Day in NYC, I had a subsequent few days that were a little more genuine in their celebration of Earth Day.

My Saturday afternoon took me to check out the Buffalo Eachange $1sale, which admittedly was incredible, but I decided to resist the urge for purchases I didn't need (or really want) and continued my walk on the mellow, sunny Saturday afternoon. Then I came across the McCarren Park Greenmarket - the farmer's market at my local Williamsburg park - where I sampled a variety of apples, people-watched and picked up a flyer on Grow NYC's Clothing & Textile Recycling operation. Next time I have clothing to discard, I think I will bring it to my local greenmarket to be recycled -- pretty impressive! And, after having recently finished Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food, I will be sure to shop more frequently at my local greenmarket.

And, in culmination of my Earth Day weekend, I spent the day today at Union Square Park, where I participated in what New York Restoration Project (NYRP) called "New York City's gardening event of the season"- a series of workshops and rows and rows of booths on everything from wildlife to organic gardening on your rooftop to ConEd's green energy. My friend and I estimated afterward that we had acquired around $35 worth of booty in assorted (mostly organic) goods after we walked away from the event -- that and several packets of seeds, which has all served to plant its own seed of inspiration for me to attempt some fire escape/windowsill gardening of my own!! I have managed to keep houseplants alive, so why not some tomatoes and herbs...?

Here's to a relaxing, green weekend...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Day Pick: $1 Shopping in the Name of Earth Day!

Buffalo Exchange is having a $1 day sale today, Saturday, April 24, in honor of Earth Day. This sale will be going on at both their Williamsburg and East Village locations, and the stores will be replenishing the $1 bins throughout the day.

Here are the details from their website:


All Locations
Apr 24, 2010

Save wildlife from discarded trash while shopping for hip used clothing at a bargain! In celebration of Earth Day, all proceeds from Buffalo Exchange’s Dollar Day Sale benefit The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the nation's largest animal protection organization. All sale items offered for just $1 each at your local Buffalo Exchange on April 24 will go to the Don’t Trash Wildlife campaign of The HSUS, and three HSUS wildlife centers that rescue and rehabilitate wild animals. Earth Day benefits at Buffalo Exchange stores have raised over $274,000 for environmental causes since 1997.

Don’t Trash Wildlife. Thousands of wild animals are injured or killed every year because of carelessly discarded litter. Food containers become death traps when animals get their heads stuck inside, reaching for tasty residues at the bottom. Plastic floating on the water’s surface looks like food to sea turtles and other marine creatures. Shore birds and other animals become ensnared by fishing line and plastic six-pack rings. By safely disposing of containers, wrappings, and other trash, you can help prevent these tragedies. Three of the wildlife care centers operated by The HSUS often treat wild animals with life-threatening injuries caused by discarded trash. For more information, visit or email

 Stores are open today from 11 am - 8 pm! Vintage shopping for a good cause, I like the sound of it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Swing House Party this Saturday!

So much going on, so little time. The below info is courtesy of Gemini & Scorpio.

Gemini & Scorpio present:

Swing House - Second Anniversary
A dazzling vintage dance event: "Gatsby-era fun with a twist of new-school vibe" (Village Voice)

Sat, April 24, The Green Building, 450 Union at Bond, Carroll Gardens, BK
(M/R to Union or F/G to Carroll)
8pm doors, 8:30pm dance class, 9pm party; $15 with RSVP + themed dress,
$20 door, $10 after 12am; 21+
Details & RSVP:
Secret $10 presale: (pass "secret")

A costumed dance ball with live swingin' sounds by authentic vintage jazz bands, re-bopin' DJs remixing and reinventing vintage grooves, dazzling dance numbers and blazing burlesque, held in an enormous and aged warehouse with soaring peaked ceilings, peeling whitewashed brick walls, old wood beams and glowing chandeliers.

Featuring...Live music all night by authentic swing cats Nick Palumbo and the Flipped Fedora Orchestra and special guests from Berlin swing/ska/gypsy punk rockers BudZillus. Renown burlesque divas Amber Ray and The Maine Attraction. After the glitter settles, eclectic mixmaster DJ Shakey throws down vintage grooves and modern beats late into the night. Charming hostess and songstress Kim Boekbinder of "Vermillion Lies" guides you through the night. Exotic cocktail menu featuring herbal concoctions by The House of St Eve and other delectable potions. FREE basic swing dance class before the event by Akemi Kinukawa of Dardo Galletto Studios.

The Jazz Age never ended, it just got funky. Dress accordingly: "An event worth wearing that ridiculous zoot suit for" - TimeOut NY. "Corsets and top hats tweaked with studs and leather are totally appropriate" - The New York Times. No casual attire. Past Swing House details & photos:

Bushwick Thunder Gumbo Party Saturday!

This Saturday, April 24, is another large arts party in Bushwick!

Thunder Gumbo party details below:

This Saturday…

Thunder Gumbo episode VI: “Dr. Moreau’s Holiday Island”

319 Scholes St. Brooklyn (Montrose stop on L train)
10p-6am, $10

Free Jungle Juice before 11!

The story:

Thunder Gumbo needs a vacation.

After reviving Zombie Warhol, we were exhausted. He was so grateful for his re-animation that he booked us a vacation on a remote, exclusive holiday island! It’s run by a kindly old man named Dr. Moreau, who used to have some sort of laboratory on the island. Apparently it didn’t really turn out too well, so he decided to convert it into a fabulous resort! AND he asked us to bring along all of our friends- that’s you!

H.G. Wells let us borrow his speedboat, so we sent Dr. Adventure down to check out the island. Apparently there was talk of a revolution among the anthropomorphic, half-beast locals…but Dr. Adventure whipped ‘em into shape and they were serving tropical beach-side cocktails in no time. However, being the hero that he is, Dr. Adventure ventured to a neighboring island to quash a blood revolution by the natives and was taken prisoner. Though he will not be joining our festivities in person, his captors have agreed to provide a live video feed from his prison cage.

This is Thunder Gumbo’s Spring Break! For one night only, through mysterious methods that even we don’t fully understand…our crew has transported this island paradise back to Brooklyn for Thunder Gumbo episode VI.

Costume Suggestions:

Fangs, whiskers, claws, tails, antlers. Ears on the top of your head. Tropical attire, Hawaii 5-0, coconut bra’s., 6 cup bikini tops, spots,. SPECIAL GIFTS THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT TO THOSE IN THE MOST UNTAMED ENSEMBLE!

Artsy Parties Tonight in Brooklyn!

The below info is courtesy of The Danger List. Both of these events look rather fun....

Below are two events, one an early art opening and later a throw-down event in a massive new space. The city is starting to shake off its recession, but many of us haven't yet felt the affects.  We list these super cheap/free events for everyone looking for art and mischief in the beautiful Brooklyn spring.

For the early night:
Antistrot @ 3rd Ward Gallery

It's art like in the days of lore with live music, a special appearance by DJ Tanner and complimentary Colt 45.

Featuring performance classics including: Batman Performance by Charlie Dronkers, the Pizza Performance, Yob Sick, and more. Visceral 3D objects & inflatable sculptures by Sander Reijgers (premier). The crafty graphics of Johan Kleinjan, David Elshout, Paul Borchers, Eru & Emu Arizono and Lennard Schuurmans. 3D objects by Baileybots (premier) and more!

8pm to 11pm
195 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn, NY
Absolutely Free. (plus free Colt 45)

For later tonight:
The Swimming Cities at The Gowanus Hotel Ballroom

Come explore a massive 12,000sq foot warehouse, 50 foot ceilings on the majestic Gowanus Canal. come early for a champagne cruise to our secret floating bar. plus chairman's reserve rum/42 below vodka open bar 9:30 to 11:00. then stay late for all night party featuring  arts of the grotesque including the Limited Commitment Wedding Booth, Ham Bowling, Slip n' Slide of Blood, the Johnny2Much oyster bar, Fake Tan Booth, Indoor Bar-B-Que put by bulgar Davo and other representations of a spring break escape done Gowanus style.

All night DJs on 5,000sf mezzanine dance floor featuring soul-house to dirty disco to dark-hop by: DirtyFinger (blacklabel), SmallChange, Matt Shadetek (duttyartz), 2Melo (Cumba Mela).

All proceeds go to the Swimming Cities Ganges River project and the fabrication of a modular island composed of stainless steel motorcycle-driven paddle wheel pontoon boats for use as a floating venue in New York this spring. This is the intersection of art and mayhem that has always made Brooklyn a special place.

Tonight, Friday April 23rd
@ 55 9th st at the smith ninth station. F or G train. (new space!)
9pm through very late : Door $15.

Zamaan: New Hookah Bar in S. Williamsburg!

So last night before going to the Passion for Fashion event, I stopped by Trophy Bar in Williamsburg and afterward discovered a NEW HOOKAH BAR right next door to it!

My friend and I were invited to see the new place, Zamaan's, which includes a patio, a swank bar area and a downstairs. The staff were all super-friendly and excited for the new place. They gave my friend and I several flyers for their opening party tonight, which features a free vodka bar from 11 pm - midnight. Oh, and did I mention, there's NO cover! My friend and I were so excited about this place that we literally handed out flyers to people on our walk to the L train as well as on the subway itself.

What is life without good friends who say "excuse me, ladies and gentlemen" on the train and actually get people who want to listen? We definitely spread the word! See below for more info.

Passion for Fashion, & Then Some! Last Night

So my friend and I went to this Passion for Fashion Fundraiser last night: a fundraising party for children in the arts and music. Who knows exactly what that means, but I am not generally one to say no to drinking for a good cause.

We even got photographed by Nicky Digital!

Good times.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

NYC Celebrating Earth Day in Times Square?!

Apparently there is an extended Earth Day celebration in Times Square today, in honor of Earth Day's 40th anniversary. Can you smell the irony in the air?

New York Celebrates Earth Day's 40th Anniversary in Times Square -- NEW YORK, April 22 /PRNewswire/ --

Strange times we're in, indeed. Hmm, I may bike there today to check out the shenanigans. Oh, and did you know April is also bike month for NYC? Now that's a little more Earth Day friendly... See the info on the Transportation Alternatives website!

Ok, I admit it. I couldn't resist and so I biked to Times Square. It is basically a glorified marketing ploy supposedly in the name of the environment.

Brooklyn Blogs

In honor of my resurrection as a blogger, I thought I would feature some other Brooklyn blogs, from Williamsburg and beyond.

Some notable Williamsburg blogs:

  • Cultural Reflections of a 20-Something in NYC (shameless self-promotion)

  • NewYorkShitty

  • FREEWilliamsburg

  • Greenpointers

  • Brooklyn 11211

  • BikeBlogNYC

  • BrooklynVegan
  • Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Xx DJ SET at LPR!

    Miraculously, Blogger was able to recover my long since deleted blog. Kudos to you, Blogger.

    So the Xx is having a DJ set at Le Poisson Rouge tomorrow, April 22!!

    Tickets are only $10 in advance and $12 the day of the show. Le Posson Rouge is located at 158 Bleeker Street; their motto is "serving art and alcohol." This is sure to be a fun party!

    Lost and Found, Once Again

    As I deleted and have seemingly indelibly lost my old blog (, to the past, it seems appropriate to start my new blog with an old post on precisely the subject of the lost and the found.

    I am re-posting this entry from my old blog, which can still be seen on the Lost and Found NYC blog, below. Appropriately -- and coincidentally -- this post is from exactly a year ago. Thank you to The Lost and Found blog for finding my blog, which I managed to lose as well (go figure), and for re-posting this entry of mine!

    From 2009:

    I have to say it has been a strange, jarring past two weeks. A strange, jarring past two days, especially.

    So last weekend, I had my camera and my phone in my bag; I was carrying my bike down the stairs from my apartment, and my bag fell out of my basket. The consequences, I found: my computer was and is completely intact, my camera screen was broken. What’s a blogger to do without a camera??

    Well, I did have my phone camera… and then I was off to prepare to go to the Down & Derby rollerskating party at Studio B in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Of course, during my preparations, my bottle of water spilled over all the belongings in my phone. And, for the night, my phone screen was also broken.

    Miraculously, my phone was fine the next day; and I also was able to find an upgrade version of my camera on sale for $100 plus tax (cheaper than the cost of repair or the price of my original camera). Everything was looking up…

    Then I saw Lily Allen perform at Roseland Ballroom on Monday, 4/20, armed with my new camera, my phone, and happy as a clam.


    Of course, I ended up losing my wallet… which must have fallen out of my bag… and I was freaked out and agonizing over my stupidity and losing all of my wallet’s contents. Another girl’s wallet turned up, which she gratefully retrieved, but the place cleared out – well before midnight – without a trace of my wallet. A staffer there gave me $10 for a cab ride, which I thankfully accepted (thank you!!).

    And my cabbie, noticing I was upset, and wondering why my initial request to be driven to Williamsburg, Brooklyn changed to a request to be dropped off on 14th St, was similarly sympathetic: he offered me the extra ride back home free of charge. I returned home, exhausted and grateful for the kindness of strangers, only to find out that I had left my phone in the cab!

    And then I found I had an e-mail from a girl who found my wallet, and who returned it to me, complete with all its contents — even the cash — the next day. The irony of losing a phone over a lost wallet, only to have the wallet returned. I swear I am not usually this ditzy.

    But I have to say, it has been an interesting lesson/example in both the kindness of strangers and the maxim of “don’t trust anyone.” All in all, I guess I was pretty lucky: only my phone was lost, which I have insurance coverage for. The trials and tribulations of NYC life. I think it can be summed up pretty well by this poster I saw the other day, a rip-off of the “I heart NYC” t-shirt: “I can’t afford to heart NYC.”