Monday, September 10, 2012

Art In the Making!

So I checked out Brooklyn Flea this weekend in Williamsburg and met a potential vendor to sell with. I liked her, and she is interested in selling her own stuff with me! She thinks our art is complementary. And she is more experienced at selling in person (which is true of anyone who's sold their art/craft in person) and is going to make/procure a table/stand for us as well. I've only just applied to sell at Brooklyn Flea a few days ago, so we'll see. But I'm not losing any sleep over it. I may as well try selling on Bedford Ave, Union Square, Highline Park and/or Central Park for free first. Thank goodness for freedom of speech for allowing "expressive matter" vendors to sell license-free in New York!

Now I just have to go to the art store and find frames/covers to present my art, and to wait for prints and postcards of my art to arrive.  I've also been updating my Imagekind site lately and opened up a Cafepress store the other day. Here's to pursuing the dream in NYC!

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