Monday, August 15, 2011

"Held Hostage in this Dance with Plagiarism" Poem Published!

A prose poem of mine, "Held Hostage in this Dance with Plagiarism" was published today in The Common Voice! I am steeling myself for another semester of plagiarism-fighting this Fall...

Also, in terms of real dancing, this new party is amazing! - The Palms party in Long Island City, replete with pools, hula hoops, food trucks and incredible DJs!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"A Monday in May," Published!

Another poem was accepted for publication!

Below is "A Monday in May, just published in Subliminal Interiors.

A Monday in May

Endless rain today, interminable rain this past week, a steady backdrop of gray: this muted, wet urban landscape. Bleary, tumultuous, congested. Then the sky this afternoon broke out in baby blue, with cotton candy clouds. Unexpected sunshine, color, vividness. The backdrop suddenly warm, bright, inviting. Dream weather: a balmy, idyllic NYC Spring evening. A ridiculously fitting analogy for this medicine-induced clearing of my head, of my body. Like the urban landscape I inhabit, my body has lately been a tired, weak, runny, polluted machine. But tonight looms large as my body is at least temporarily restored and imminent adventure and connection await, as the hint of promise and rebirth beckon and liven up this spirit, this body. It may be Monday, but May is the Friday of the months: full of promise, activity, life.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ecuador Story Published!

Ta-da. My story on my Ecuador travels was published in Scholars and Rogues online. I think I need to work on expanding on my experience there, beyond these phantom images that haunt me, to describe my host family and their landscape a bit more. Stay tuned...