Monday, July 11, 2011

Art Published!

I have two tree-themed artworks published in The Common Voice.

With all these recent acceptances, I have to get cracking... Time to write and make more art!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Grind, Vindication and Wanderlust

I just got a poem published in Burning Word! Entitled "Approaching My Own Version Of Adulthood," it pretty much speaks for itself.

How amazing (and gratifying) it was to receive three publication acceptance emails the same day while traveling abroad. Such is my summer. More works already accepted for publication are on their way. It feels good to be vindicated/appreciated sometimes.

In other words, returning to NYC after having been away for awhile is both surreal and bittersweet. I've missed it, and my friends and home, but I already miss being elsewhere. I find myself relating to Elisabeth Eaves's Wanderlust, the book I am currently reading.

And life and time continue to move forward. I saw this odd contraption today in Williamsburg, reminding me of how strange, unexpected and creatively saturated NYC life is.

Apparently Red Bull is hosting some kind of inventors' contest (dubbed "The Ordinary Becomes the Extraordinary") this Sunday in McCarren Park.

I might have to check it out. (Free to the public from 3-7 pm). And then I have my own individual projects to pursue, like getting more work published...