Friday, March 25, 2011

Aesthetic, Musical, Political, and Culinary Flurry in NYC!

This past week presented a flurry of work, cultural, aesthetic, musical, political and culinary experiences. As it should be.

On Tuesday I saw Eve Ensler give a talk at the Russian Tea Room. She is truly an inspiring, incredible and powerful woman. Once I get that next paycheck, I am going to contribute to V-Day, "A Global Movement to End Violence Against Women and Girls Worldwide". Her stories were truly both frightful and awe-inspiring and speak volumes about both the endurance of women and the extent to which patriarchy continues to exert its powerful force throughout the world. I am looking forward to reading her new book, I am an Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls Around the World.

Wednesday evening was a bit more light-hearted. I went to see Fujiya and Miyagi play at Santos Party House, with openers Project Jenny, Project Jan and Body Language. Despite the hail, thunder and lightning outside, the show managed to lure a big crowd and entice some soul-clapping dancing.

(pictured above, singer Jeremy Haines of Project Jenny, Project Jen)

And Thursday I had a little culinary adventure in the West Village, starting at Café Angelique in the West Village and then splurged at Il Cantuccio Bakery, a very authentic Italian bakery and cafe specializing in divine biscotti (that also happens to be oil-free).


With a week like this, who knows what the weekend will bring. Though definitely time with friends.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Only in NYC...

Doing a collage and being good, especially as who knows what to anticipate for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow... And I stumbled upon this post on Craigslist.

Hmm. A Google search on "Whole Foods" and "free mustaches" yielded little more than a link to this post. It could possibly be related to promoting rBGH-free milk, but who knows. Tomorrow will definitely be interesting! I wonder if they'll have green 'staches...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

East Village Faves

Blog, I neglect you. This calls for another TOP 5 LIST

Top new 5 Favorite East Village Spots, all around good ol' St. Mark's Place.

 5) Sunrise Mart - Asian grocery story on 3rd Ave. You have to take an elevator up, but this hidden little market has its fair of treasures and seems a little more authentic than M2M down the block. (Not that I don't also love M2M!)

4) The Spot Dessert Bar, so hidden and adorable you could almost miss it. 13 St. Mark's Pl. I recommend the milk teas and the chocolate chunk coconut cookie. But then again, everything looks good.

3) While we're talking dessert: The Chocolate Library, at 111 St. Mark's Pl. I stumbled upon this place on President's Day weekend. The salesperson was wise enough to stay open late. Combined with the free samples and the offer of a free orchid with purchase, I walked away with a $10 chocolate bar and an orchid that's still alive! I can't guarantee your experience will be quite so special, but they do have some delectable gourmet chocolate here.

2) And on to drinks. 10 Degrees Bar, a hop and a skip away from The Chocolate Library, at 121 St. Mark's Pl. The place has gorgeous and charming ambiance. Weekdays it tends to be a lot more low-key (and under the radar) than weekends!

1) Another bar. Ninth Ward. At 180 2nd Ave, with large wooden doors, it is easy to pass by. This bar not only has a fireplace, terrific ambiance (think speakeasy-esque) and serves food, but it also has delectable (and strong) cocktails. Absinthe included.