Saturday, February 19, 2011

Williamsburg Glasslands Fashion

So last night I stood in line with friends to attend Williamsburg Fashion Weekend, "where art meets fashion." 

Or would it be more appropriate to say, where hipster art and fashion converge in a geometrical animal spirit union?

Take it away, Glasslands.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life Lately

I've decided to lay off the blog a bit and keep my personal wanderings a little, well, more personal. And private.

That said, current top five favorites:

5. The fried chicken at Boka. Part of the Korean chain BonChon, their fried chicken is truly mouth watering.

4. Gay dance parties. I recommend Urge and Gumbo. Also, That's My Jam.

3. Shows and openings. Beans yesterday, a slew of art at Bushwick Beat Nite tomorrow, Lady Gaga Monday and many more to come.

2. Random conversations with strangers. My top two favorite of these happened on the same day. A little kid said hello to me outside a pet store and gushed about going to visit the guinea pigs, while his parents and I listened with amusement. And a waiter couldn't stop talking about Godiva and their free chocolates.

1. My NYC circle of friends and partners in crime. Mwah.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Art! NYC Goals!

I need to be more proactive about pursuing my art. I've always had a certain aversion toward trying to make money from my writing and my art, believing that to do so would somehow degrade and pollute my work and make it more "business-like." After all, to sell, my work has to not only be palatable but somehow appealing... I have to produce something that someone actually wants to consume. Being marketable has never been my priority.

And yet, obviously writing and art are passions of mine... so I've lately been writing more, trying to get published, and I am hoping that the rejection letters and e-mails piling in are only a sign that I've (almost) paid my dues and something is bound to get published soon! And, I am still trying to get my act together with my art... It's not doing much good just lying in books under my bed, after all.