Saturday, January 22, 2011

Traif: Non-Kosher, but Suitable Even if You Don't Eat Pork!

So I checked out Traif this last week, a restaurant in South Williamsburg just a hop, skip and a jump away from me. Traif's mission statement is that it celebrates "pork, shellfish, and globally-inspired soul food." Non-kosher indeed.

Upon sitting down, we were greeted with steaming pork broth to warm us up. A quick glance at the drink and food menus very quickly revealed that we could imbibe bacon-encrusted drinks and indulge in bacon-specked donuts, in addition to enjoying such tapas as bacon-wrapped dates and bacon-topped salad. I indulged in the shellfish options myself, which were utterly delectable. But if you like bacon, you need to check out this place.

Oh, and it was co-founded by a Jew. For the full story, you can visit the Traif blog, where chef and co-founder Jason Marcus wrote, "So, Traif is a restaurant that celebrates the foods that I love most, which just so happens to be the foods that I am not supposed to eat." Touche. Eating forbidden foods can be especially delectable.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Signal to Noise Review

The party and the museum were simply exquisite. The Museum of the Moving Image, which re-opened on Saturday night, is delightfully sprawling and awe-inspiring. With a stark contemporary interior and numerous areas designated for live performances and happenings, the venue was a delightful place to spend my Saturday evening. With multiple live performances and DJs throughout the night, the Signal to Noise party also opened its exhibits for party-goers.

So, all in one evening, I was able to soak in the history of the moving image and party with my friends. I learned factoids such as that Robert DeNiro's immortalized "You talkin' to me?" line in Taxi Driver was made up by the actor during filming. The prosthetic mangled legs of the character Beth in Black Swan were on display, as were numerous other prosthetic busts of actors. Old-school TV's and video cameras were displayed nostalgically, and as a reminder that technology continues to develop at increasingly lightning speeds.

 (above, old school Star Wars tape dispenser.. !)

After wandering around the museum, I sipped Heineken in the downstairs lounge areas while dancing with my friends under the bright lighting, along with the rest of the very attractive and intelligent-looking crowd.

And the train ride to and from Williamsburg was surprisingly painless. I will have to check out more events at this museum in the near future!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Bubbles, Dancing, NYC Oh My!

With a certificate I had purchased from LivingSocial, I organized a girls night yesterday at Bubble Lounge, a swanky champagne and cocktail bar in Tribeca. With drinks like the baby pear martini and kit kat martini, the place was delectable. And we were even surprised with free mini-cupcakes and a burlesque show at 11! There's something to be said about feeling all Sex and the City sometimes...

And tomorrow I will add a little culture to my swanky fun, with a dance party at the Museum of the Moving Image: the Signal to Noise event with dancing, interactive art, electronic music and so much more. Unless of course I decide on going to the No Man's Land Gypsy dance party extraordinaire. Then again, I might just go to Mehanata, the Bulgarian Bar, tonight... So much dancing, so little time.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcoming 2011... with No Pants?!

I am admittedly intrigued by this. In my 7+ years in NYC, I have yet to witness - or partake in - a spectacle quite like this: the No Pants Subway Ride. Perhaps this year. Stay tuned, it happens this Sunday!

Organized by Improv Everywhere, which "causes scenes of chaos and joy in public spaces," the event began years ago in NYC and is now a global happening: it is to take place in 47 cities, in 22 countries this year!!