Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Bushwick Boat Party

I decided to check out the Bushwick Boat Party last night. Located on an old boat anchored at an old canal in Bushwick, the party featured live bands, a swimming pool, and some very interesting sightseeing.

But I have to say, I am starting to feel old for this kind of party...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute Tonight!

There is going to be a LARGE Michael Jackson tribute party in Prospect Park tonight, organized by filmmaker Spike Lee. Rain or shine, the event is planned to continue!

See Bloomberg article here, with the full details. OR visit the Prospect Park page here.

Event is from 12-5 in the Nethermead.

Back to Obscure Events and Venues!

After my recent week of seeing Donna Summer and Britney Spears, I am returning to more obscure, under-the-radar events and venues.

First of all, I started off the night yesterday in a speakeasy, a low-lit cocktail bar, Apotheke, in Chinatown (at 9 Doyers St.) with very serious concoctions on the menu.

The bartenders all donned pharmaceutical jackets, and my two drinks were a Blood Orange Sour and a Lychee Three Way. They were absolutely delectable, as they well should have been, with a $15 price tag attached to each drink. The mixologists have a range of concoctions at the bar, and it is quite a pleasure to watch them do their mixing, which for my Blood Orange Sour included lighting a spice on fire before adding it to my magic potion. An underground venue definitely worth visiting! Citysearch features some similar recommendations. See a review of Apotheke from UrbanDaddy.

After that, I proceeded with my friend to China Chalet, a Chinese restaurant in the area that we heard was apparently having an underground party. Beautiful times.

Upcoming, an organization that calls itself the Outside Eye is having a dance party this Sunday, August 30:

The Organization of the Outside Eye invite you to a beguiling eve of surreal African funk,
Rocksteady, Boogaloo, Latin groove and Calypso with Saxophonist Chuck 'the Raven' Hancock of Murphys Law.
Hosted by Vick Valentino, Jason Kudo, Ghurron Briscoe, Matthew Radune, Kentaro Takahashi, Bersabeh Nikodimus
and Anastasia Kinigopoulo.
Wear your most surrealist attire.

All Night $5 Sangria & $5 Magic Hat

Located at BEast.
171 East Broadway & Rutgers, near Essex.
Take F train to East Broadway stop and your there.

Vick Valentino &
the Organization of the Outside Eye

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Donna Summer Tonight - FREE!

UPDATE: I went to see Donna Summer - pictures and videos below!!

So I didn't make it to the last free Coney Island concert I had wanted to check out (with Blondie and Pat Benatar) but tonight I have another chance! Part of the Brooklyn Seaside Summer Concert Series, the show should begin at 7:30 pm. Limited chairs available.

Now I just have to get some work done and maybe make it a beach afternoon before the show!!

This Friday: Williamsburg Myopenbar Party!

The below information is being promoted by myopenbar and Calexico, and features free Colt 45 as well as FREE Mexican food for several hours.

Party Peeps...
It IS that time of the year...No, not the "Uh-Oh, Oh-no I gotta go back to school and haven't scooped up a brand spankin new trapper keeper with an airbrushed wizard riding a unicorn," and also not the "Oh-Snap I'm going to the tradeshows with my line sheets printed on black & white kinko paper, and haven't booked my flight yet"
...this time of year IS when we blast the summer out with ROCK OUT WITH YOUR GUAC OUT !!!

This Friday, August 28th, we're taking it to Hope Lounge, with all guns firing...
(10 Hope St. Williamsburg Brooklyn Btw Roebling & Havemeyer)

This Event is to celebrate Calexico's Restaurant Opening, ( all the info+writeups on them )
and it's gonna be EPIC ... the event starts at 7pm sharp with
2 HOURS OPEN BAR COLT 45 from 7pm - 9pm
and then it's time to eat, and it's gonna be festivus style..
chew on that..literally:)

but that's nearly not the half...

This event is completly FREE
and we're going on from 7pm to 4am strong...

Coming with the Jalepeno Hot Sauce on the Turntables, we got

... toss in some free $hit from Methods NYC, Laureluxe, & Red Tape ...
Tees for the guys, Jewelry for the girls, and rolling papers for all...
the backyard patio, and thier BBQ will be open as well all night,l
Raised Fist Propaganda on the video/photos.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Circus: Featuring Britney Spears

Don't judge. 

I went to see Britney Spears last night at Madison Square Garden, as part of her tour, "The Circus Featuring Btitney Spears." Knowing it would be a full-scale circus act, I decided I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see such an icon, as mixed as Britney's publicity has been. 

Britney also plays tonight at tomorrow! And, I believe, owing to the recession, shows are not sold out. (See the Ticketmaster site here.)

So, to sum up the show: I was both more impressed and more disappointed than I had expected to be.

Britney had two openers, Kristinia DeBarge and Jordin Sparks. I didn't expect Britney to begin until 10 or so, though it was a Monday. The 20-minute countdown for Britney began at 8:40 pm; at 9 pm, the Circus began, but Britney's appearance, of course, was later, after the crowd had built up its anticipation even further.

Britney truly gave a strong performance, with stunning -- and scandalous -- outfits, stunts and dance moves. What impressed me was how confident and happy she appeared; of course, it is her job to give off that charismatic aura, but she sincerely appeared to be loving every minute of it. What disappointed me was that there were many circus interludes and her stage/performance time was only a fraction of her actual show. Surprised, no, but a little disappointed, yes.

Yes, it was definitely a circus. Which is not to say that it was appropriate for children; parents, next time, leave your kiddies at home when you watch a scandalous show such as Britney's!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday - Sunday Afternoon: Outdoor Parties!

So yesterday I skipped out on the Webster Hall party, as well as an underground Danger party and instead spent my evening at Karaoke Cave, a basement karaoke bar in Shanghai Square
Karaoke Cave, located at 9 E. 13th St, is conveniently located in the Union Square area, and has recently undergone renovations and a name change. Somehow I passed a few hours in there without even realizing it! Definitely a place worth having a karaoke adventure at.

After that, I wandered around with new and old friends, the new friends (whose private party we crashed at the Karaoke Cave) leading the way to take us to a rooftop party in the vicinity. However, I ended up skipping out, biking to a pizzeria on Bleeker Street and then back home to Williamsburg. 

TODAY, however, there are THREE outdoor parties, all of which I would LOVE to check out. 
(and all of which are free!!)
These are: 

The Pool Party at East River Park, Williamsburg, featuring Girl Talk (free!)
East River Park is located between N. 8th and N. 9th Streets in Williamsburg. Doors
 at 2

The High on Life Rooftop Party at Highbar, 251 W. 48th St. at 8th Ave. This party is from 4-11 pm, free with GBH list.


3rd Ward's Bluegrass BBQ (RAIN OR SHINE), Sunday, August 23, 4 to 9 p, FREE Admission, FREE Colt 45 - 4 to 5 p, Cheap Eats & Drinks
3rd Ward is located at 195 Morgan Ave, Bushwick.

Hmm, it could be possible to at least mellowly enjoy 2 of the 3!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cruise, Music, Dancing... An Idyllic Hot Summer Night

Okay, I admit it; I didn't make it to Tuesday's free events. Between the heat and my slowly-recovering bike incident scrapes, I have been a little lethargic lately.

BUT, last night I did have an adventure, and it was the kind of night I would definitely repeat again.

First, I went on a cruise on the Queen of Hearts, which has weekly cruises, Wed-Fri for only $10 (in advance, $15 at the door). It was a three-hour cruise, which set sail from Pier 40, on West Houston St. and the West Side Highway, and featured two floors of dancing, a buffet, live Brazilian dancers and spectacular views. Sadly, I didn't have my camera on-hand, and a phone camera did not produce such worthy results.

Check out the Fire on the Water Cruise site for information; every Wednesday is a regular Brazilian boat ride party, from 7-10 pm, and there are similar events Thursday and Friday. This cruise is part of the larger Affairs Afloat company, which calls boasts that it has "New York's Largest Sailing Night Clubs!"

After the cruise, I meandered on over to the West Village and saw live music at The Red Lion, at 151 Bleeker St. The Red Lion, which boasts of itself as being considered a "premier live music venue in the city" truly was; the cover was only $5 and was a steal for the fantastic funk and blues performances of the night. They also have live music acts 7 nights a week, apparently, from 7 pm - 10 pm and 10 pm - 1 am.

The band that I saw was Milo Z. , which proclaims, "Milo Z is to New York City what the Funky Meters are to New Orleans." Though NYC may not know it yet, Milo Z. really is a phenomenal band, with an energetic live performance featuring Milo Z. the frontman, a backup singer, a drummer and four saxophonists. Worth checking out!

In fact... check out the video clip below!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Free Events Tonight! - Regina Spektor & More

The events below are from FreeNYC.

I may just make it to see Regina Spektor, who will be performing alongside Kurt Andersen. Should be interesting, as the last time I saw Regina Spektor perform was years ago, at Tonic back in the day before it got shut down, and the venue and experience weren't quite, shall we say, sanitized, as I expect from a performance at B & N.

Still, looks like a good time! 

Regina Spektor and Kurt Andersen at Upstairs st the Square

Date: Tuesday, August 18th
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Union Square Barnes & Noble (33 East 17th Street)
Cost: Free

Barnes & Noble’s acclaimed “Upstairs at the Square” series continues its celebration of three years of innovative and eclectic events with Regina Spektor and Kurt Andersen.Regina Spektor is a Soviet-born American singer-songwriter and pianist. Her last album Begin to Hope was a huge success and she released her latest album Far in June. Kurt Andersen is the author of the bestselling novels Heyday and Turn of the Century. He is also the host and co-creator of the public radio program Studio 360 and a contributor to Vanity Fair. He is here today to discuss his new book, Reset.

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Love and Rockets Tribute Show

Date: Tuesday, August 18th
Time: 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Location: Ben Sherman Store (95 Spring St)
Cost: Free with RSVP

To celebrate the release of long time music legends, Love and Rockets, and their new tribute album, the Musebox and Swing House have put together an official tribute show tonight. The party features a live performance by 
Frankenstein 3000, plus David Johansen (NY Dolls) and 
other surprise guests expected to jam!!!

 DJs Stabwalk (Sirius XM Radio) and Ultragrrl hold down the tables.

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Dreaming of Fun... Like Webster Hall's Dollar Daze

If my scratches from this past weekend's fall off my bike have healed significantly by this upcoming weekend, I may go to this:

Dollar drinks and dollar admission before midnight! (Apparently, admission is 19+, the dollar specials are only for those 21+). See the Webster Hall site here. Even a DJ set by Does It Offend You, Yeah? Will definitely be an interesting time.

But I may just have to dream about it and wait for another night for some dancing debauchery.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mellow Sunday

I am recovering from a minor bike accident, so I kept it mellow last night and today.

Today I enjoyed some wining and dining in not one, but two cafes in the East Village: Cafe Brama and the MudSpot.

Cafe Brama, on 2nd Ave. at 10th St., features a $10 brunch menu with $2 drinks (my $2 drink was a mimosa - yum!). Its evening menu looks quite delectable as well. My spinach and cheese crepes were phenomenal - seriously, incredible! It couldn't quite make my scratches go away, but it could certainly take my mind off things!

Even more special was the MudSpot, located at 307 East 9th St. Known for its Mud trucks around the city, the MudSpot is a very quaint cafe with a charming, hidden backyard they call the Secret Garden, a nickname that is fully deserved! My sangria and molten brownie with vanilla ice cream were delectable. Aparrently they have live events on Monday nights at the Mudspot cafe.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Last Night: Emiliana Torrini at Highline Ballroom

On a whim last night, I decided to take myself - by that, I mean, bike - to Highline Ballroom to see Emiliana Torrini. Torrini, hailing from Iceland, has a wonderfully lilted singing voice and puts on a charming, moving show.

Her opener, Anya Marina, was equally captivating. I am still chiding myself for forgetting to stop by the merch table and pick up their latest albums there... Definitely music worth checking out!

Pics and videos from the show to come!

I also hope to see more shows at Highline in the future -- it's a lovely intimate venue to enjoy live music and other performances!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Comedy Over Free Music Last Night

As much as I really, really wanted to see Blondie live last night, I wasn't quite prepared for the combination of the long subway rides and the crowds that were surely there - in masses and masses, out for the free show with legendary rock performers Blondie and Pat Benatar, along with the Donnas.

So I stayed semi-local and saw a free comedy show at the Nightingale Lounge, in the East Village.

Thursdays they offer free comedy -- which started out strong and generally very enjoyable, and slowly declined with each successive comedian. Anyway, it was free, so I can't say it wasn't worth it! Nightingale Lounge has a very relaxed, intimate set-up, with the small stage central, across from the bar and encircled by the audience.

I recommend checking out this lounge and seeing their Calendar of Events, which features nightly happenings, such as open-mics of all kinds, poetry readings, music jam sessions and dance parties.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This Weekend: "Intergalactic Planetary" Danger Parties

Weekend Events Brought to You - and Me - by The Danger List.
Read on for information on these large underground parties and nights of summertime decadence.

From their e-mail.

The summer is slowly fading but our New York City nights are as warm
and wide-eyed as ever. Thank you to the hundreds who adventured out to
our last event "Rights of Passage". It was your energy that carried the
party past dawn into the early afternoon light. Because you've shown
such love and respect for the new location and the neighborhood, it
looks like we have a new home for many events to come.

Your moments of infamy have been captured here:

Below are three invites for this weekend. The first is an outsized,
low-key house party of amazing music to raise funds for our camp at
Burning Man. The second is not a Danger event, but another special
night on the hidden ferry. The third invitation is... a story of

1 |_______________________

Friday : Intergalactic Planetary
This Friday you are invited to an all night house-party within a three
floor self-made mansion deep in the dark heart of Brooklyn. Musicians
from around the world mix live energy with jump-up and dance dj’s,
aerial performance and unEarthly acts. Money from this event goes to
fund an international tribe building a special project for Burning Man.

This Friday : August 14th
9pm to very late...
Bushwick, Brooklyn

This is a simple, cheap and easy house-party. Bring your own beverages
and share with your new best friends. Food and drink will be provided
for the early arrivals.

RSVP for the location at:

The Planetary: Music from Across the Planet
If you haven't heard the exploding hip-hop sensation Bajah + The Dry
Eye Crew, this is your moment. After packing the national stadium for
performances in their home country of Sierra Leone, African superstars
Bajah + the Dry Eye Crew are poised to conquer the global airwaves with
their unique sound, which blends the swagger and funk of hip-hop, the
passion and energy of dancehall, and the socially conscious vibe of
reggae. The group has generated so much buzz in the hip-hop world that
major stars including ?uestlove, the Roots, Talib Kweli, K'Naan, Res,
and El-P have contributed their vocal and/or production talents to
their upcoming release.

Plus music from Zimbabwe to Bali and everywhere in between from
Akim Funk Buddha, The Two Griots, dj's $mall Change, Sirak and Prolific
spinning into the late night.

The Intergalactic : Performance from Other Worlds
The Lady Circus performs overhead with aerial acts by Amanda Silaski,
Nikki Borodi, Katie Clancy and Elena Delgado along with spontaneous
floor performances and other acts of anti-gravity action. ://
provides photon bending art projections as Swiss Chris plays his
extragalactic light percussion show.

Kae Burke and Make Fun
will be hosting a costume creation session on
the second floor for anyone heading west in need of new style for
adventures in Black Rock City.

Suggested donations for entry:
$10/Intergalactic (dress in your best extra-planetary formal wear)

For the location and details, RSVP at:

2 |_______________________
[ Note: The event detailed below is not a Danger party. Many artists,
dj's and performers are coming together for a special fundraiser to
help pay for renovations and upkeep on the Bushwick Ferry Boat. They
have a good thing going there and we are helping to spread the word. ]

Saturday : Volatility
Another all-night adventure on the infamous ferry boat docked on the
hidden East Kills Canal in Bushwick. Music, drinks, sunrise, acts of
daring and moments of fire; this will be a gorgeous summer night.

These events have been incredible and this one will continue the fine
tradition. Featuring: Miho Hatori (of the Gorillaz/Cibo Matto) with her
band, New Optimism, Sistine Criminals, Bellringerzzzz with the Swedish
Meatballs. With dj's: Kimyon, Uproot Andy, Geko Jones, Feliz Cumbe,
Zack Shadetek, Blacky II, plus an array of other musical mischief
playing through dawn.

The adventure begins at:
L train to Grand St.
$20 donation to get in, 21+ only

3 |_______________________
Sunday : Three Course Meal
A meal. A drink. An illicit location.

The second in our series of free renegade dinner parties happens this
Sunday. There are experiences in this city that are too precious to ask
permission for. These we take without asking... and we never take them
for granted.


Invites will be distributed in person at the events detailed above.


TheDanger List

BLONDIE - Playing FREE Tonight at Coney Island!

And speaking of free things to do in the city, Blondie is playing for free tonight at Coney Island, along with Pat Benatar and The Donnas. The show starts at 7:30 pm... what time Blondie will go on is anyone's guess, but my hunch is probably closer to 10 pm or later...

The show will be at Asser Levy/Seaside Park -- address below:
West 5th Street and Surf Avenue
Coney Island/Brighton Beach
Brooklyn, New York 11206
Across from the New York Aquarium

The event is part of the Seaside Summer Concert Series, which provides a write-up on Blondie, Benatar an The Donnas as well.

Disclaimer from the Summer Concert Series website:
Performers are subject to change without notice. Call the concert hotline for updates at 718-222-0600

I plan on being there!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Current TOP 10 Favorite Free Things in NYC (SUMMER Edition!)

I have greatly depleted my funds in the past few months, as I work in education and have been traveling in Peru for most of the summer. So, I've been more money-conscious and looking out for the free/cheap way of life recently! Below is my current Top 10 List. Enjoy!

10) Using my neighbors' wi-fi networks. Free internet from the comfort of my home. All the better to read up on the latest cultural and news events, job hunt and update my blog! Alternatively, I enjoy hanging at the free wi-fi cafes in Williamsburg.

9) - free drinks, free events, free mingling, free people-watching! - There are seven open bars listed in NYC for tonight alone!

8) Museums. And galleries. Many are free or low-cost, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History, which both offer a suggested donation. See a more comprehensive list here.

7) Art gallery openings, such as this one. (Leo Kesting) Free art and complimentary drinks, maybe even snacks too! Also good for people-watching.

6) PARKs - especially the free events, such as Hudson River Park's RiverFlicks and RiverRocks. Tonight they are screening Sex and the City, and tomorrow Yeasayer and Amazing Baby are playing. Both are at Pier 54 (located at the West Side Highway and 14th St). See here for the full Hudson River Park events calendar. They even have free yoga!! Also see New York Magazine's list of free and cheap movies. (Lots of parks offer free film screenings!)

5) Speaking of yoga, I really need to go back to Yoga to the People, which offers free yoga classes every day, throughout the day. (Classes are by donation, and mat rental is $10 if you need one.) They now not only are in the East Village but also offer classes at studios on 27th St. and 38 St. (See directions here.)

4) Even more convenient exercise, and an animal-bonding time, is volunteer dog walking with BARC (Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition) Shelter. They need volunteers from 9-12 pm and 5-8 pm every day. It's a great excuse to stroll around McCarren Park! You also get to meet and play with some lovely pooches in need and maybe some interesting doggie-lovers in the beighborhood as well! (See volunteer info here.) They also need volunteers for the cat loft!

3) The GBH and Shaw Promotion parties. I am still an addict for NYC nightlife. Many events are free or cheap with RSVP (or if you simply know the party promoters' names or get to know the doormen). A lot of large acts play and/or DJ at these parties, and they have fantastic indie dance parties at swank, and not-so-swank, venues around the city.

2) The beach. See the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation for a list of beaches.

1) And, I must admit, my favorite free activity: riding my bike around NYC! Just too convenient -- it's a great form of exercise, active commuting and sightseeing. And check it out: NYC is having its fair share of bike share demos -- maybe bike share in the city will one day become widespread here! And downtown Manhattan is offering free bike rentals, through September:

So who said living in NYC has to be expensive? Or that you need lots of money to enjoy the city?

See also NY Mag's "78 Days of Fun: The best concerts, outdoor events, and culture happenings of summer 2009."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guggenheim "It Came from Brooklyn" concert series

I have to share this Time Out New York highlight: the "It Came from Brooklyn" Guggenheim shows, which feature the Walkmen, High Places and the Brooklyn "Steppers" Marching Band. Looks promising!

Save the date, Friday, August 14! This is just the kick-off event; the series will run through the fall.

See the "It Came from Brooklyn" Guggenheim site here. And click here to buy tickets!

The event is in honor of the Guggenheim's 50th anniversary! Below info and picture from the Guggenheim website,

It Came From Brooklyn Concert Series

Buy Tickets

It Came from Brooklyn celebrates the Guggenheim’s 50th Anniversary by showcasing Brooklyn’s emerging and established talents in the fields of music and literature. Beginning on August 14 with headliners the Walkmen, the monthly concert series occurs through the fall and takes place in Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed rotunda from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m., reinforcing its identity as a versatile, dynamic site for a variety of mutually invigorating art practices. Coproduced by Sam Brumbaugh, the series continues the recent tradition of acclaimed performances that have symbiotically activated the space: Marina Abramovic’s Seven Easy Pieces (2005), Cai Guo-Qiang’s collaboration with the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre (2008), and Meredith Monk’s Ascension Variations (2009).

With comedian Leo Allen serving as MC, the August 14 concert kicks off with a special performance by the Brooklyn Steppers Marching Band, followed by opening band High Places, whose warm optimism and intricately layered songs have been described as “short studies in escaping urban claustrophobia” (Mike Powell, Pitchfork). Later, the Walkmen will fill the rotunda with the hypnotic ebb and flow of ramshackle guitar and upright piano, with bursts of beautifully anguished songcraft. Novelist Colson Whitehead reads selections from Walt Whitman between performances.

The second It Came from Brooklyn is scheduled for September 25.

Join our mailing list to receive news on upcoming shows and events.

Special thanks to Christina Lee.

Artwork by Mike Paré, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cary Grant Week at BAM!

I am a sucker for Cary Grant films, and it seems they are being featured at BAM. See here for a full schedule.

I missed the double-feature tonight, but Tuesday night is the film Topper, Wednesday features Rome Express, Thursday features Penny Serenade, and Friday features The Philadelphia Story.

Saturday presents multiple screenings of To Catch a Thief, while Sunday will present The Awful Truth.

And the Cary Grant films continue next week as well, thanks to BAM's repertory film program!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday Night Swank

Even after a muddy, musically soaked weekend at APW, I decided to meet my friend Sunday night for a prospective music and dancing adventure in the city. We met at Broadway East, a small restaurant and bar in the depths of Chinatown. (See dining reviews on Yelp.) The party is one that apparently changes venues for each event. While the party at Broadway East last night featured a relatively sparse crowd, it was a lively, hip group of cool cats who danced and jived to the jazz, soul and funk music of the night. The highlights: the candle-lit passageway to the bar, the outdoorsy feel of the venue, the exhuberance of the party-goers, and the live saxophone player to complement the DJ's tunes. The best fun I've had on a Sunday night in quite some time.

(above: my friend, and the seating above the bar and dance space))

When I find out the name of this party, I may share it... but then again, some of the best things are left better largely undiscovered to revel in their underground status.

APW: Muddy Times

Funny that I chose to attend all 3 days of the APW music fest less than a week after returning from my two-month sojourn in Peru. How I longed for this music fest to break my fast from NYC shows and adventures, and how the fest was somehow very un-New York, offering rugged outdoorsy fun with a distinct hippie flair. A 3-day event at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ, with 3 different stages and different headliner acts for each night, the weather was less than favorable and yet the excitement of the festival prevailed over the inconveniences of rain and mud.

The event organizers were kind enough to honor Friday ticket-holders free entrance for the following days due to the inclement weather, while Saturday, a gloriously sunny day, was the embodiment of festival-goers' weather expectations, minus the puddles and mud. Sunday, another rainy day, offered the most disappointing start, in that entrance was delayed until the weather cleared up. All in all, it was a very saturated weekend.

Pictures below.

Friday, July 31:

(even though the Beastie Boys canceled...)

(above, the "Do Lab," featuring DJ's, dancing and mud-wrestling ...)

(above, lemonade stand knocked down because of the wind! Right before it started raining Friday).

(above, Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

(above, Karen O and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

(above, count down for Jay-Z, who replaced the Beastie Boys as Friday's headliner)
(above, Jay-Z performing)

(above, some of the art installations at APW)

Saturday, August 1:

(above, the Cool Kids performing)

(above 3 pictures, St. Vincent performing - lovely!!)

Sunday, August 2:

(The Black Keys, performing, above pictures)
(MGMT, pictures above, and videos below)

A music festival inherently has its pros and cons. Of APW this year...

PRO'S: many music acts every day, wide open spaces, all-day event, outdoors, amazing view of NYC skyline, art installations

CON'S: sound quality not as good as indoor venues, short set times, Beastie Boys canceled (!), drinks and food very over-priced, overlapping set times between stages (a problem if there are two different bands playing at the same time that you're interested in seeing!)

Overall, it was worth it... but I am looking forward to more indoor shows and nightlife as well!

(See Metromix's reviews of the bands and 3 days at APW here)